Welcome to your VB Oracle-II DATE:December 4, 2023

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1.When we show a form in the screen it can be use style . ________________- is the default style of form display.

2.Which of them is the incorrrect style of form dispaly

3.Without responding to the current form we cannot switch to another form is true for

4.When you goes out the text box the __________ event occur

5.When you goes out the text box the __________ event occur

6.QBColor can support only _____________ number of color

7.RGB Color system R , G and B can varies from

8.LoadPicture method is use to display the image on screen

9.LoadPicture method is use to display the image on image control

10.SavePicture method is us to save the picture

11.Which is incorrect for ME keyword

12.OCX file is known as ___________

13.Dim statement declear the local variable

14.Dim Statement is use to declare ________________.

15.identify the variable
Public A as Integer

16.Function procedure return a value of varaible

17.Sub Procedure return a value of variable

18.which of them is not a correct while loop

19.Which of them is not a way of access the database

20.ADO elliminate the choise the RDO and DAO

21.ADO Supported by the ___________ edition of VB

22.When we click any button on message box will wil return _______________- type of values

23.for creating a Alter Key option then we can place ________ sign berfor the letter which we can use as an Alter key

24.Visual Basic is the _____________ type of language

25..BAS file is known as

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