Welcome to your TALLY-I

1. Tally is a_________________ application

2. Tally is a Special Purpose Software

3. Tally is Account Base Software

4. Tally is Windows Base Software

5. The Account which is related ti person is called

6. Voucher entry receipt book will display by

7. To Delete the voucher entry press

8. F2 key is use for ____________

9. Changing Date of the Entry we can use

10. Total Number of function in accounting

11. For Creating the company We can use _______

12. Following is the Example of Fixed Account

13. We can create ledger in Tally during voucher entry.

14. Book Keeping is a systematic record of the following transaction

15. The art of recording transaction in a systematic manner is called

16. To Create Rent Account which group can be selected

17. Rent paid to landlord is debited to

18. Brief Description of the transaction is called

19. Number of Vouchers in Tally

20. Voucher Entry permit the user to purchase book by using

21. We can protect the company my apply password to it

22. Factory Shade is

23. Financial Year Started From

24. I start my company in 12-May-10 what is my financial year

25. VAT Stands For

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