Welcome to your TALLY -II

1. Shut a company means

2. What is the full form of TDS

3. The automatically/ default created Group in Tally is called Reserve Group

4. Income tax provision for bad debts is a common example of ___________

5. Account of All Parties from whom you purchase goods on credit is called

6. The Amount of invested by the owner in business called

7. Good sold to Mr. Rajesh and Sons of 6000/- in cash we can make the entry in

8. Cash and Bank balance is

9. Impersonal Account are classified in two

10. Account where properties and Possession are record like fixed asset and current asset is _________

11. Function key F4 is use for

12. For Backup of the Tally data we can use _________ key

13. Function Related to comparing, analyzing and opposing the performance

14. Restore of the data take place by the combination of key

15. System based om purely cash account is called as _____________

16. Account related to expenses, income profit and gain

17. Repeats the data entry in the field during Previous entry

18. Procedure to create Stock Group

19. RAM is a type oe Account

20. Profit and Loss is the ____________ type of account

21. If Goodown option is not shown in the Inventory info. These will active using

22. Stock Category is offer parallel classification of

23. TIN stand for _______________

24. Tally allow to create duplicate

25. Rule of Purchase voucher is

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