Welcome to your MS-OFFICE V DATE:April 14, 2024

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1.The extension of MS-PowerPoint 2013 is _____.

2.Format Painter function is use for _______.

3. Can we delete place holder from MS-PowerPoint slides.

4.The default slide size is ____________.

5.Shortcut key to run Slide show.

6. Default file name of MS-PowerPoint?

7. Hyperlink function is used link slide with other slide of any other file.

8. Transitions are applied on slide?

9. Animations are applied on text or objects?

10.How many annimations can be applied

11. The Default view of presentation is______.

12. What is the use/function of note page?

13. Function of fit to window is___?

14. MS-PowerPoint is the presentation software.

15. Duration of slides is changed from ____________ tab?

16. Photo album is given in_________ tab?

17.Save as works for_______?

18. Action button is located in _________ tab?

19.Short cut key Ctrl + C is used for________?

20. Short cut key Ctrl + V is used for ____________?

21. Blue line under the text indicate ________?

22.Arrange all the windows function is used for_________?

23. Switch windows function is used for_________?

24. New window function is used for ________?

25. You can generate video from MS-PowerPoint

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