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1.Conditional Formating is use for formationg of those cell/row/coumns that does not satisfy the certain condition

2.In MS Excel how to insert a worksheet

3.In MS Excel we can sort the Data into 4 different field

4.In MS Excel we can sort the data on only one field

5.Which is not a part of General option

6.In Ms Excel _____________ number of chart it can support

7.which is of then are the chart type in MS Excel 2007

8.Which of them are the types of chart in MS Excel

9.Which of them is not a type of chart

10.In Header and Footer of a Worksheet we can insert

11.In MS Excel Header and Footer we not Insert any of the following Option

12.Print Area is available in _________________- Ribbon of MS Excel 2007

13.Break option of the page Layout Ribbon is __________ option

14.Formula in Worksheet is started by __________

15.Which of them is a type/ Group of Function

91.Which of them is a type of Function category in Ms Excel

17.Which of them is not a category of function

18.Define Name option is use to give the name to the range of cells in MS Excel Worksheet

19.Which of is true about Name option in Ms Excel

20.There are _______________type of Sorting in MS Excel

21.Sorting Order Ascending sort the element from higher to lower

22.Sorting Order Ascending arrange the element in Lower to Higher value

23.Sroting Order Descending order arrange the element in lower number to heigher number

24.Sorting order Descending arrange the element in higher to lower numbers

25.Protect Worksheet will allow to make the changes in the content of the worksheet

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