Welcome to your MS-OFFICE-III DATE:December 4, 2023

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1.To Switch to the Previous Veiw from the Full Screen ______________ shortcut is use.

2.Which option is use to control the appearance of the document

3._____________ will change the size of the document text only for display.

4.Zoom option is avialable in ___________ ribbon

5.Ruler can be hide or shown using rule option in __________ ribbon

6.Thesaurus Option is use to give _____________________

7.Short cut of the Spelling and Grammer checking is __________

8.Printer ---> Preview option is use to display the text how document will look after print.

9.Print option has the ____________ option

10.We can save the Word Document of 2007 in the Format of Office 97 -2003

11.MS Excel 2007 save the file with the extension of __________________

12.By default the MS Excel contain ________________ no of worksheet

13.Name of Worksheet By default is Sheet1, sheet2, sheet3 . .. . . . . .

14.The Excel File is called Worksheet.

15.Excel File is called WorkBook

16.The Intersection of row and column is called

17.Intersection of Row and Column is called Cell

18.In Excel worksheet column are labeled as A, B, C, D . . . . . .

19.In Excel Column are Labeled as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, . . . . . . .

20.In MS Excel the Total number of rows are ______________

21.MS EXCEL2007 does not support the _______________ alignment

22.In MS Excel 2007 Insert Row, Columns supprot in __________ Ribbon

23.Save Workspace is to save

24.Save Workspace save the content of file.

25.Conditional Formating is use for formationg of those cell/row/coumns that satisfy the certain condition

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