Welcome to your MS-OFFICE-II DATE:December 4, 2023

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3.There are two indentation____________ and _________________

3.There are two indentation____________ and _________________

4.The default paper size of the Page is _____________

5.The Extension of MS Word 2007 file is DOCX

6.The Extension of MS Word 2007 file is DOCX

7.Which is not a margin in MS Word 2007

8.Short Key for Save As is _____________

9.Cut -- Paste move the text

10.Copy -- Paste Move the text to new Location

11.Which is not an alignment in MS Word 2007

12.Justify Aligment set the Text from Left Margin to Right Margin

13.Header text will appear _______________ and Footer Text will Apper at ___________

14.The Header is a Text will appear at _______________________

15.Which of them is not a alignement of the Text in MS Word 2007

16.The Footer will appear at _____________________

17.Page Number option is use to insert the page number at

18.Drop Cap is use to Make the First Letter of the paragraph large in number of line

19.For a Paragraph there ___________ number of Drop caps

20.Insert Bookmark option is avialable in _________ ribbon

21.Red Underline is shown _____________

22.Green waive line is shown ____________

23.Which is not true about Comment

24.Default Layut of the page is _________

25.Which is not a Layout of the Page

1.The extension of MS-PowerPoint 2013 is _____.

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