Welcome to your Mr. and Miss Hitech Round-1 Date:December 4, 2023


1. Which two animals are involved in share market ?

2. Full form of CAA

3. Who is the first Mr. Hi-tech & Miss. Hi-tech Computer 2018?

4. Narendra Modi is the _____ Prime Minister of India.

5. A family consist of six members p,q,r,x.y, & z . p&r are married couple . q is the son of r but r is not the mother of q. y is the brother of r. x is the daughter of p. z is the brother of p.
1. What is the relationship of x to q?

6. Who is the present governor of Reserve Bank Of India ?

7. Is currency Reserve in Reserve Bank Of India Nagpur

8. With How many states Maharashtra share its boundaries

9. Who is the first person in Maharashtra to become a grandmother in chess

10. Which one does not belong to the group?

11. Four of the following four are alike in a certain way & so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?

12. Which of the following is the largest blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart?

13. Fungi areplants that lack

14. Which of the following is an air- borne disease?

15. Your bones will dependent the quality of your work

16. What is the vision of Hi-tech computer?

17. Hi-tech associates with_________

18. How many courses in Hi-tech computer?

19. What is the foundation day of Hi-tech computer ?

20. Which are the courses provided by Hi-tech?

21. In following question a disarranged sentence is given in which words or pharses are lettered p,q,r,s,.  you are to arrange these to form a meaningful sentence.
p : the first flim
q : he ever
r : that is
s : saw

22. what is the shortcut key of CANCEL.

23. RAM is _______& _______

24. Storage device , inside the computer is

25. The sensitive index of National stock exchange of India is popularly known as

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