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1.How to solve the constructor overriding

2.For creating you own exception we can use ___________ and __________ keyword

3.For creating our own exception we can _______________

4.The Default action of the update() is

5.Which is not a member of life cycle method of the applet

6.The default action of the repaint() method is

7.Correct Syntax for Font class is

8.setFont method is use to apply the font to the applet. but is applicable only for

9.By using ____________________ method we can change the drawing color

10.To change the Color of the drawing we can use

11.Create a Circle with red color

12.Garbage collection is an automatic process in java

13.In Jave garbage object can be collected

14.setVisible() has __________ value

15.In Modeless style we can switch to another form without responding the first one

16.We can switch to another form without respondigng to first one in ___________

17.In model Style we can switch to another form without respinding to first one

18.To make the text box as a password box we can use echoChar () syntax is

19.panel contain caption

20.Syntax for creating the frame
Frame frm= new Frame("Frirst Frame");

21.TextArea control is use to design a multi line input text box

22.TextArea is a control that cotain one line input

23.TextField create a single line input text box

24.Which of them is not a awt Class

25.Which of them is a text control

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