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1.The Overloaded function can be indentified by _____________

In Hierarchical inherritance we can create the object of _______________ number of class

3.Hybrid inheritance is ________________

4.Inheritance is a machanism by which we can drive a class from an existing class

5.When a class is drive a class from more than one class is known as

6.Which is true about interface

7.Java Does not supper ______________ Inheritance

8.In have multiple inheritance is supported but can be implemented by interface

9.If there is two method in an interface we can override one one method the program

10.identify Inheritance
class AA { }
class BB { }
class CC extends AA { }

11.Identify the Inheritace
class AA { }
class BB extends AA { }
public class CC extends BB { }

12.Identify super class
class AA { }

13.Identify super class
class AA {      }
class AA {      }

14.Identify super class
class AA { }
public class BB extends AA{ }

15.Identify sub class
class AA { }
public class BB extends AA{ }

16.class AA { }
XXX BB { }
class CC extends AA implements BB { }
what keyword is use to declare class

17.finally block is use ______________

18.finally block will appear jus immediate after ______________

19.which statement is use to use the package in our application

20.super keyword is use

21.For Function overriding functions in _____________________

22.In fuction overriding the signature and name of the fuction is same

23.final fuction can not be override

24.abstract class can not be inherited

25.final class can not be inherited

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