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Name of Student

1.Which of them is not a Primitive Data type

2.Which of them is an abstract data type

3.There are _________ and ______________ date type in java

4.In JAVA there are __________ number of primitive data type

5.Which is true about Abstract data type

6.Which of them is operator is not supported by java

7.What is true about Wrapper class

8.The wrapper class for int data type is

9.Which of them is a default Constructor when name of class is student

10.________________ is a default constructor

11.Constructor have having one or more parameter is known as _____________-

12.We can not create the object of abstract class

13.Exception is a run time error

14.which of the following is an exist control loop.

15.int x=10,s=0;
What is output

16.which of them is not a correct variable name?

17.What is Data Type

18.Which of them is/are the Entry control loop

19.Which of them is not a type of operator

20.Which of them is not a binary Operator


What is value of y

22.Which is not a member of Math class

23.String class has the ____________ function

24.String class does not have _________ function

25.The Class that inherited from the other class is known as ____________

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