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1.How to create a check box

2.Create textarea ___________ tag is use

3.for creating password box we can use ________ tag

4.Check box allow multiple selection

5.Radio button allow single selection

6.Radio button allow multiple selection

7.Check box Allow only Single Selection

8. tag does not have any of the following attributes for checkbox

9.for Selecting the Check box automatically we can use Checked

10.For selecting the Radio button automatically we can used Checked in

11.TextArea contain the following Attributes

12.For creating the Combo box we can use __________ tag

13.For automatically selecting an option in the combox box we can use _______________ option

14.How many types of the button in HTML

15.Which of them is a type of button in HTML

16. tag is use for table row

17. tag is use for _________________

18.Which is not an attribute of

19.Which of them are the

tag attributes

20.For merging of Columns we can use ColSpane

21.Which not True about Frame

22.Frame is use to divide the web page

23.For Horizontal Spliting of Web Page we can use Cols in

24.VLIGN attribute of

has the following value

25.For Vertical Spliting of Web Page we can use Cols in

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