Welcome to your HTML-I DATE:December 4, 2023

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1.HTML stand for _______________

2.HTML contain Total ______________ level of heading

3.The Default size of heading 1 is 36

4.The Size of heading level 1 is __________

5.Second Level of heading has the default font size is 24

6.The Second level of heading in html has _________________ font size

7.The Hihest level of heading in html is _______________

8.Heading Level 7 has the hiegest level of heading

9.The Lowest Level of Heading in HTML is7

10.The Highest level of heading in HTML is 1

11. tag is use for making text BOLD

12. is use for

13. tag is an alterative of tag

14. tag is use to make the text super script

15. tag is an Alternative of tag

16. tag is use for making text super script

17.HTML is originatedfrom _____________STML

18.HTML has ____________ level of commands

19.HTML support two type of tag.

20.HTML contain the following type of tag

21.Which of them is not a pair tag

22.Which of them is a Paired Tag

23.Closing tag of any pair tag is denoted by

24.Which of them is not a paired tag

25. for Movie Clip has the ______________ attributes

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