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1.Statistics option of Text menu does not display ________

2.Text Statistics option of text menu display ________

3.In Corel Draw Column option is available in __________ menu

4.Which of the case is not supported by case option

5.Which of them is a change case option supported by

6.Distance between two paragraph we can control by using ____________ and _______________

7.Paragraph has __________ and _________ alignment

8.Text Menu --> Character Formatting --> option has _______ option

9.Character option of the Text menu does not have option

10.Character format option of Text Menu has following option

11.If we lock the object we can not copy the object to another file

12.When we lock the object, we can move the object in page but can not move to another page

13.Align and Distributes is use to set the page according to ____________

14.If page of the Corel Draw is Wide and we click the Switch page Orientation then

15.Which is not an option of page background

16.Page Background Layout option apply background to the page has the following option

17.Page Background option is available in ____________ Menu.

18.Which option is not available in Layout Menu of Corel draw

19.Which of them option is available in Layout menu

20.How to view the Print area in Corel Draw

21.To switch to the previous view from the full screen or page sorter view we can use ESC  key

22.Which of them is not True About Page Sorter View

23.Page Sorter view is use to arrange the pages

24.For Display or hide the Ruler Line we can use_________ menu

25.The Shortcut key of Full Screen Preview in Corel Draw is _________________

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