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1.Short Cut key for Actual Zoom is__________

2.Show or hide color the short cut key is

3.Show or hide Layer

4.Show or hide Ruler

5.Shortcut key for Place option is

6.We can apply the color as well as the Bitmap image to the text

7.Which is the colour system in Photoshop

8.Which of them is not a colour System in Photoshop

9.Canvas Size change the size of image

10.Rotate canvas_________

11. Rotate image can rotate the image as well as canvas

12.Rotate Canvas has the following option

13.Rotate canvas does not have

14.Short cut key for auto Contrast is

15.Short cut key for canvas setting is

16.Creating New Layer

17.New Layer Fill has the following option

18.Which of them is not a fill option of new Layer

19.Which of them are the Filter of Photoshop

20.Which of them is not filter in Photo shop

21.Step backward option undo one step backward

22.Step backward return the status of object one step before

23.There are two option to set the change the status of the image or picture

24.Shortcut key for Keyboard Shortcuts is

25.Export for Office option is use to export the drawing for MS Office

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