Welcome to your DTP-2 DATE:April 14, 2024

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1.The Default output resolution is ______________ dpi

2.Place option of File menu place the following in the location where you want

3.Paste Multiple option is available in ___________ menu

4.Which is not an option of Multiple Paste

5.Edit Story option is available in ___________ Menu

6.Edit Story option is use for _____________

7.Insert Page option is use to insert the page and available in Edit Menu

8.Short Cut key for Goto page number is _________

9.Column Guides is use for ___________

10.Autoflow option is use for automatically adjust the text into the page/column and available in utility menu

11.We can insert the pages before and after the perticular page.

12.Expert Tracking is use to manage the distance between two word.

13.Expert Tracking option contain

14.Export Tracking Does not contain ________ option

15.Which of them is a Sepcial Alignemnt suported by Page Maker

16.Short Cut key for Fill and Stroke is ___________

17.Stroke Option is use to change the line thickness

18.Stroke has the ___________ option

19.Stroke option is use to change the ________

20.Which is not an option of arrange

21.Which is not true about Lock option.

22.Polygon setting option is use to _________

23.Rounded Corner has ________ number of option

24.Short cut key of Lock and Unlock is ________ and _______________

25.Shorcut key of Zoom in and zoomout is ______ and ____________

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