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Name of Student

1.Which of them is a default Constructor when name of class is student

2.________________ is a default constructor

3.Constructor have having one or more parameter is known as _____________-

4.Which is not true about function overriding

5.One of them is true about FRIEND function is that_________

6.Class member is Private by default

7.Structure member can public by default

8.Union member can store the data at same memory location

9.Structure member can store data at same memeber location

10.One of them is not an exist control loop.

11.Which of them is not a function type?

12.which of them is not true about constant

13._______________ number of constatn are in C++

14.double data type require _____________- number of bytes

15.Which is true above Virtual Function.

16.Which not them is correct about an abstract class.

17.______________ an abstract class

18.We can not create the object of abstract class

19.The final class cannot be inherited.

20.Exception is a run time error

21.Catch block contain the exception handler rountine

22.Catch Statment contin the Excception throw as a parameter

23.Try statement contain

24.Which is not a part of exception handling routine in C++

25.Which statment is not true about catch statement.

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