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1.'If 4/6 entered in a cell without applying any format, Excel will
treat this as

2.'Which of the following syntax is correct regarding the SUM
function in Excel?

3.'How to specify cell range from A9 to A99 in Excel

4.Which of the following function will use to find the highest number
in a series of number

5.You accidentally erased a record in the sheet, What command can
be used to restore It immediately?

6.Where a row and a column meet, what do you call that?

7.What is an example of a cell address?

8.Which is an example of a formula?

9.MS Excel 2010 save the file with the extension of

10.By default the MS Excel contain

11.Sorting Ascending order sort the element from higher to lower

12.Account of all parties from whome you purchase goods on
credit is called

13.Protect Worksheet will not allow to make the changes in the
content of the worksheet

14.What is the full form of TDS

15.Which from the following is a valid email address?

16.Software, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox,
are referred to as

17.What is E-mail?

18.What is the purpose of the refresh button in Internet Explorer?

19.You are searching information over the internet and found the
page having information about "Online Learning". Referring to
the above scenario, identify the type of web site you are viewing?

20.What does the abbreviation "WWW" in Internet stand for ?

21.The first version of Tally is Window base.

22.ERP stands for .

23.Balance sheet can be exported from Tally.

24.Key is use to export Balance Sheet from Tally.

25.Total Number of Voucher in Tally.

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