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1.Tally package is developed by

2.We can change the Company Information from

3.To change Current Date from Gateway of Tally press the key

4.Party account can be created through

5.F12 is known as

6.A Ledger can't be deleted if it is caring Opening BalanceYour new question!

7.The shortcut key to quit from Tally is

8.The shortcut used to activate calculator is

9.Manufacturing Journal creates based on

10.How many types of Measurement Units we can create in Tally?

11.Multiple Godowns are activated from

12.The ------ key can be used to select an existing company
from list of companies.

13.A/An ------------- is the official notice that the firm sends
to its customers to advise then to the amount of money
that is owed.

14.In tally, we can alter ledger details using either single
or multiple modes but not alble to delete a ledger from
multiple modes.

15.Tally was first released in the year _________.

16.Which of the following is a category or element of the
balance sheet?

17.What is the normal balance for an asset account?

18.Amount withdrawn by a proprietor from business for
personal use.

19.Purchased furniture from Mr. XYZ of Rs.60,000/-' ______ a/c
should be debited.

20.Accounting is an art of recording ________________
transactions scientifically.

21.A ________ is a statement which shows the list of accounts
showing debit balances and list of accounts showing credit

22.Which type of bank account Businessman opens.

23.When bank column shows credit balance it indicates.

24.We can not print Vouchers and Cheque from Tally.

25.'Received a interest on bank deposit Rs.1500/- should be
credited to _______ a/c.

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