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Name of Student

1.finally statement is use for ______________

2.The finally block will appear

3.The class from which the other class is drived is known as ________

4.The Class that inherited from the other class is known as ____________

5.The Overloaded function can be indentified by _____________

6.Which of them is an array of object
if Student is a class

7.The object of a class is ________________

8.Which of them is not a type of inheritance.

9.when one class is drived from only one class is known as ____________

10.Class AA { };
class BB { };
class CC:public AA { };
identify the inheritance;

11.class AA{ };
class BB { };
class CC : public AA, public BB { };
identify the inheritance

12.class AA{ };
class BB : public AA{ };
class CC :public BB { };
identify the inheritance

13.In multiple inheritance we can create the object of ____________ number of class

14.In Hierarchical inherritance we can create the object of _______________ number of class

15.Hybrid inheritance is ________________

16.Inheritance is a machanism by which we can drive a class from an existing class

17.When a class is drive a class from more than one class is known as

18.Class that contain one or more pure virtual function is known as abstract class

19.Open() is use for ______________

20.ios:: in

21.wirte() function is to writing the data to the file

22.read() function is use to read the data from the file

23.Which of the following is not a opening mode of file

24.Every C++ program execution begin at the function________________-

25.Relational operator has the ________________precedence than arithmatic opeator

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