Welcome to your Computer Basic-2 DATE:December 4, 2023

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1.Which is a type of booting technic

2.Warm booting is always avoided

3.Ctrl + Alt+Delete Press twice will ___________

4.Cold booting is always avoided

5.Start ---> Document will show

6.When a file or folder is deleted from Recycle Bin is deleted permanently

7.When a File is deleted from the Recycle Bin it can be recover

8.If a mouse is not working and want to use the mouse pointer then we ca use __________ option of control pane

9.Which of them is a format option, when we can format a driver or disk using windows OS

10.There are two type of user created in window OS

11.The User has either ______________ or ________________ Permission or type of user

12.Any File has the following Attributes

12.How to show all hidden file and folder

14.How to Show or hide the Extension of the File

15.Back Ground Screen of the windows OS is called DESKTOP

16.The Picture that you will seen on the background screen of Windows OS is called Wall paper

17.RAM stand for Random Access Memory

18.RAM is Temporary memory

19.ROM is Read Only Memory

20.ROM is called Random Only Memory

21.ROM is permanent memory

22.RAM is Permanent Memory

23.ROM is Temporary memory

24.Which is not a type of printer

25.There are two type of printer one is Impact and other is __________________

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