Welcome to your C Language-III DATE:April 14, 2024

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1.find output
int x=5;

2.What is recursion?

3.Which is not correct for pointer.

4.sqrt(x) function return the squre root fo the X.

5.Can you use the function fprintf() to display the output on the screen?

6.What is output of the code
int i=1,s=0;

7."\n" back Slash operator is use for _________

8.\t is use for _____________.

9.Which of them is not C indentifier.

10.The short cut key for save and run is __________ and _____________

11.In C language program the program execution started from main()

12.which if the followi ng error dispaly by compiler

13.The ___________ function is use to dispaly out on screen.

14.The ____________ is the none executable statement.

15.if structure variable is pointer then ___________________- operator is use for accessing the data member of the structure

16.Which of them is not a bit wise opeator

17.int X=123;
Means the variable is initialize. State ?

18.If an array initlize the less number of element then its size then ?

19.for POW function which header file is use ?

20.struct book
{ char title[20];
char author[20];
int price;
} B;
what is incorrect in above declartion

21.What will be the following function call ?

22.What will be the decleration of the following function

23.What will be the defination of the following function

24.Which of the following is athe control string for OCTAL number system.

25.which of the following is not a backshelesh character.

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