Welcome to your C Language-II DATE:December 4, 2023

Name of Student

1.Declare a sturcture 'Student ' variable for storing the record of 10 student

2.int A[10];
what is the value of y?

3.Which is not correct for 'unsigned int' variable?

4.which in correct for Array

5.________ element is called base address.

6.When an if statement will appear in another else statement then it is known as if else ladder

7.When and if statment will appear in another if statment is known as Nested if-else

8.Which function return a value

9.Whic is in correct for 'isuppper(x)'.

10.Every String is termianted by '\0'

11.Which is not coreect for Char datatype.

12.Union member store data at the same memory location

13.Union memeber can directly Access in a program.

14.Structure memeber can't directly access.

15.Which is not a valid file open mode

16.Which is the correct way of opening a file for storing data

17.The file mode 'r' is use for ________________________

18.fprintf satement is supported by which of the following header file.

19.Which is the correct way of declarting the file pointer

20.What is the output of the code
char str1[10] ; /* having value "KAMPTE" */
char str2[10]; /* having value NAGPUR
printf("%s", str1);

21.%6d means _________________

22.%d is a control string for ____________

23.FILE * pt;

24.What happen if we can not initialize a variable.

25.C is a _____________ type of Language.

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